Base Light 420x


Baselight is a new generation LED light tower built from the ground up with input from professionals in the rescue and rental industry. Together we created a modern light product using the latest LED technology and materials available to meet the demand for a more flexible light tower. Don’t let the size fool you! Baselight is a light system capable to compete with much larger light towers and can easily outperform a 1600W halogen system but more importantly in these areas: Performance, agility and economy.


  • Deployed by a single person in 30 seconds without aid of machinery
  • Produces 60 000 lumen with 420 power consumption
  • Configured as 360 or 180 degree floodlight
  • Produces about 30% more light than a 4x400W halogen system
  • Consumes 75% less power compared to a 4x400 halogen system
  • Multiple units can fit into a normal family car
  • Requires no prior training or certification and is simple to operate
  • Multiple units can be operated from a portable generator
  • Built for easy replacement of parts with a modular design
  • Can be used indoors as well as outdoors (IP67) and in extreme temperatures
  • Safe to operate with colour coded guidance
  • Takes up little space when stored
  • Can be fitted with smart accessories (GPS tracking, Wi-Fi, Video Surveillance etc.)
  • 60 000 hours life span on LED, 3 Year warranty on structural components
  • 35 kg (77lb)


  • PVC Cover with zipper (Logos and text can be printed)
  • Wheel assembly
  • Battery pack with charger (Different models)
  • Power Inverter (12VDC to 230 VAC)
  • Solar generator with battery
  • Portable gasoline generator (Different models)
  • Soft carry case with integrated wheels (suitable for air travel)


  • Wind resistance up to 30 m/s without support
  • Luminous flux 60 000 Lumen
  • Surrounding temperature -50 to + 50 degree C
  • Voltage 90 to 305VAC/50hz
  • Power connector CEE or Schuko
  • Colour temperature 6000 Kelvin
  • Power consumption 15 to 420 Watt (Dimmable)
  • IP Rating 44/67
  • Weight 35 kg (77lb)
  • Fully extended height 4.5 Meters (15feet)
  • Transport dimensions 1200mm x 300mm
  • Warranty 3 Years
  • Certification CE approved


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Offgrid Work

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