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CPR Anytime

Family and Friends Personal Training Program

If a cardiac arrest happened to your loved one or a close friend, would you know how to perform life-saving CPR, which can double a victim's chance of survival? Surprisingly, the vast majority of Americans don't. That's why the American Heart Association, in collaboration with Laerdal, has developed the Family & Friends CPR Anytime Personal Learning Program, bringing CPR training into the homes of families everywhere.

What is Family & Friends CPR Anytime?

Family & Friends CPR Anytime is a self-directed, personal CPR kit that makes learning the core skills of CPR easy, convenient, affordable and fun for the whole family. It takes just 22 minutes to learn and can be done anywhere. This kit does not provide certification in CPR. See what's included in the kit and view the latest research on the effectiveness of CPR Anytime. Read More

Community CPR Training Tools

The American Heart Association has many tools to help you get started in your community. From a dedicated CPR Anytime Program Team that can serve as a resource, to online tools and sample templates to help you obtain funding, we are here to assist you Read More

CPR Anytime Success Stories

Learn about some of the organizations that already are using the Family & Friends CPR Anytime Program to train more people in life-saving CPR! Read More

Order CPR Anytime Today!!!

With the Family & Friends CPR Anytime personal learning kit, your whole family can learn the lifesaving skill of CPR at home in about 20 minutes. To order your kit and start learning how to save a life with CPR, visit the Shop CPR Anytime Website.

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