Prime 112


Prime LED 112 is a rugged LED floodlight designed for demanding industries like construction/rental and rescue/military. A great amount of attention has been spent on usability making this lamp one of the most flexible on the market in terms of attachment options.

16 000 Lumen output, 6000 Kelvin ”Bright daylight” colour temperature Dimmable output between 20-100W,16A Schuko extension socket

  • IP67/IP54 (Unit: IP67, AC socket IP54), Beam angle: 90x90 degree
  • AC input: 110-230V, Attachment: Multi axis rotating C-clamp for vertical or horizontal pipes. Back stand support with super magnet.
  • 3 meter power cable. 3.5 Kg. 22x13x12 cm
  • 5 year warranty